Jaipur City Tour Package

Jaipur City Tour Package

Jaipur City Tour Package

Jaipur City Tour Package …. Jaipur is a charismatic and historical city that provides a range of unique and fascination activities and attractions. Jaipur typically requires two or three days to fully explore but unfortunately time pressures or other external factors may only allow for a single day to discover the city. This guide has been written to provide a suggested itinerary for a 1 day visit to Jaipur, which will include only the most popular and best sections of the city.

Getting Started

The day will be divided into two parts; the first section visits the city centre of Jaipur and the second part travels to the Amer fort and the Jal Mahal. If you wish to ride an elephant up to Amer fort then the palace must be visited in the morning, as the elephants can only perform a set number of trips per day. The second section of the day (Amer fort) requires a taxi or rickshaw, as is 8km outside of the city centre.

Quick Overview

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